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Gaetz insisted that he was not directed to issue the tweet by the Trump or anyone inside the administration. He did not tell the Daily Beast how he knew about Cohen's alleged philandering, either. He told the publication he believes that Cohen's marriage is fair game, because it speaks to the 'veracity' of the congressman's testimony.

One of Cohen's admitted crimes is deceit. Cohen apologized to senators on Tuesday for lying in previous testimony as he started three days of testimony on Capitol Hill, where the topics will include racist remarks he's heard from the president and allegations of criminal activity on the part of Trump. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein told DailyMail. Video attack: Republican released this YouTube advert mocking Cohen before he heads to federal prison. Mockery: This is a still image from the GOP video which the party hopes will help discredit the long-time Trump fixer. Exit: Michael Cohenleft Capitol Hill Tuesday after the first of three days of blockbuster hearings saying that he had told the truth and would do so Wednesday.

Aide: Michael Cohen was accompanied by Lanny Davis left , the long-term Clinton advisor who is acting as his personal attorney. Cohen's credibility has been questioned given his admission he lied to lawmakers when he appeared before the House and Senate intelligence committees in Feinstein declined to offer specific details on what Cohen, who was known as Trump's fixer, discussed with committee members. I think that most of us know that this is very complicated picture,' she said. Cohen's appearance on Tuesday was behind closed doors so lawmakers could grill him on a variety of matters, including Trump's business dealings with Russia.

Additionally Cohen will offer senators a document that he claims shows the president engaged in criminal conduct around the hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, it was revealed Tuesday. The documents will show who signed the checks to Cohen, the Daily Beast reported.

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As he gave evidence Cohen also learned that he was disbarred in New York because of his felony conviction in a ruling which prevents him practicing law. He had not attempted to fight the move. Cohen pleaded guilty to violating campaign-finance laws by facilitating payments to Daniels. The article earned a rare - if carefully worded - denial from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins told reporters Cohen was receiving an 'extensive grilling' from the intelligence panel. But the White House voiced anger at the ex-fixer's high-profile session. He arrived 30 minutes before his time before senators was set to begin and is expected to be behind closed doors all day. Senators trickled into the hearing room after his arrival but few spoke about what they wanted to ask the president's former fixer. Ron Wyden told reporters outside the hearing room he's interested in following the money when it comes to Cohen's work on Trump Tower Moscow.

But one issue he wouldn't touch was whether Cohen — who plead guilty to lying to Congress — can be trusted to tell the truth in this appearance. Martin Heinrich, as he entered the hearing room, said he was looking for 'the truth. In his testimony, Cohen also intends to reveal information about Trump's financial statements, an anonymous source told the network. The fixer-turned-felon will say he witnessed 'lies, racism and cheating,' it reported. Cohen's closed-door testimony is a prelude to his public appearance on Wednesday before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, to be followed by a second private session on Thursday before the House Intelligence Committee.

Wednesday's public hearing will overshadow the others merely by the presence of TV cameras, to which both Cohen and the lawmakers will be playing to as they engage in a verbal parley on a variety of issues, including the building of Trump Tower Moscow, the payoffs to women during the campaign, Trump's business dealings, and donations to the president's inaugural committee.

Lawmakers are also girding to ask him questions about a planned Moscow tower project that he pursued well into the presidential campaign. He plans to tell lawmakers Trump asked him about it 'several times. He further plans to talk about Trump's 'lies, racism and cheating as a private businessman,' according to the account.

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Trump and his legal team have repeatedly branded Cohen as a liar, and say he cooperated with prosecutors and furnished false information to get a reduced jail sentence. But one topic not the public agenda: Russian interference in the presidential election and any possible collusion between Trump's team and Moscow. Lawmakers can dismiss the chairman's guidance and ask whatever they chose, but Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, also said his client cannot talk about the Russia probe in public.

Senators, meanwhile, are eager to have Cohen in their crosshairs on Tuesday.

Somebody you might have called doesn't get called,' Senate intelligence panel member Sen. Inside man: Michael Cohen was with Trump for a decade and took part in his campaign - standing with from left Karen and Mike Pence, Omarosa Manigault - then a Trump aide, now being sued by his campaign for her memoir - and Don King during a campaign stop at the New Spirit Revival Center church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, in September However, Republicans are already preparing to cast doubts on Cohen's credibility - one of Trump's legal team's major arguments against the president's former personal attorney.

Republicans will be just as hard on Cohen as Democrats, particularly those closed tied to the president. Republican Reps. But he will have the ability to tweet even with the 12 hour time difference. This week marks Cohen's first time before lawmakers since he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the timing of talks concerning the building of a Trump Tower Moscow during the presidential campaign. Did they go beyond what he told us about Moscow Trump Tower into other areas as well? Democratic Rep. Jim Himes, who also sits on the Intelligence panel, said he wants to know the same.

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So obviously, step one is to re-ask him the questions that he felt he needed to lie to us about, when he testified in the last Congress. So we're going to want to get to the truth, allow him to correct the record. And then, of course, the question is, okay, now that we know the truth, what are the follow-ups? Democratic Reps.

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Himes also said Cohen could be more forthcoming behind closed doors than in Wednesday's public circus. But he may have some things that he doesn't feel comfortable saying publicly that he then wants to say either to the Senate or to the House Intelligence Committees, in closed session,' he said. Last week, Cohen got a two-month reprieve from his deadline to report for his three years in jail, with a judge giving him until May 6. One of the reasons cited was his upcoming congressional testimony.

Cohen received a three-year sentence in December for bank and tax fraud, lying to Congress and violating campaign finance laws. Cohen attorney Lanny Davis said last Tuesday his client will reveal how Trump is 'bigoted,' 'treats people badly,' and talk about he's heard the president say disparaging things about black people behind closed doors.

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He treats people badly. He has no moral character in defrauding people in his businesses, and going bankrupt, and taking cash out, and putting people out of work. He lacks the moral compass that we expect in our presidents. But Davis said Cohen will be able to talk about 'what did you do for Mr. Trump for all those years and why.

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Trump's legal team has already made their case against Cohen by painting him as an unreliable witness. Both Trump's lawyers and the president himself have pushed back against any comments Cohen may have made to Mueller or will make in public by labeling him as a rat and turn coat who can't be believed. But he argued his client has seen the light and wants to make amends for his past work for the president. Cohen has been cooperating with the special counsel's probe of Russia's role in the election.

The U. Cohen also has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the timeline of conversations he had with Russian officials about building a Trump Tower Moscow as part of separate investigation by Mueller's team.

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He was sentenced to three years in prison and is free on bail until that time. Cohen's guilty pleas included a charge of lying to Congress about a Trump Organization real estate project that was slated for Moscow, Russia and discussed through the fall of while the president was running for office. He testified in a closed congressional interview that the project he pursued on Trump's behalf was abandoned by the time of the Iowa Caucuses in January ; that would be consistent with Trump's 'political messaging. They trust their instincts.

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