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It came back to life when in Apple store for service visit but that only lasted about 4 hours and then solid no service for 3 days. The only way to access the Internet is by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. This is the tray that holds the SIM card. The new iPhone 7 Repair Program affects.

Service Plan cards are not refundable. Apple has determined some iPhone 7 models may show 'No Service' in the status bar even when cellular coverage is available. Sometimes the connection issue restores itself, but it's not always the case. My bill is paid and I have turned it off and on numerous times. There were the major announcements — an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X coming this fall — but the company also revised its iPhone 7 offerings.

The reason for this erroneous message might be a defective component on the main logic board. Ask For An Airave Femtocell. About iPhone 7 no service, you can change iPhone 7 radio frequency connector IC to fix the. Could it be an iOS 12 related issue? I have iPhone XS Max and the connection is lost regularly. Apple says that affected models that were sold since September will be repaired free of charge. The iPhone 7 was released in September, so you've certainly heard by now that it has no headphone jack and it looks almost identical to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

Data roaming allows the device to utilize a data connection on roaming networks. The company says a "small percentage" of iPhone 7 devices may be telling their users there's no cell service when in fact service is available.


Repair Center

Apple will make free repairs to iPhone 7 handsets which suffer a frustrating "No Service" bug, including refunding owners who already paid for a fix. At this point it won't recover and will have to be completely powered down and powered back-up. These are the three things you need to do firstly to fix no service on iPhone. It has been fantastic for the past two years, however this particular iPhone 7 was in the series that had a recall for issues with dropping cell service and not being able to reactivate service.

I'm a Verizon iPhone 7 Plus owner, and this has happened to me. This no contract smartphone has a 30 day, risk-free guarantee. Apple on Friday initiated a repair program for iPhone 7 devices affected by an issue that caused a "No Service" message to display in the status bar even when cellular network coverage is.

This issue seems to be specific to the iPhone 7. I have an iPhone 5s and all other features are working on wireless. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions, and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. For eligible iPhone 7 owners who've already paid for an out of pocket repair resulting from the 'No Service' issue, Apple promises to be in contact via email so as to arrange for reimbursement.

Optical image stabilization. Using a good sim card, phone reads it as verizon sim…tried att sim card and phone reads it as att sim. Listed prices do not cover other damages in iPhone including parts attached to screen, there will be an additional charge for replacement of these parts if needed. However, if you are simply given a "No Service" error, with no additional information, and no ability to connect to the network, then it can increasingly be frustrating.

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No service! However, and this is a big however , after an iPhone restores, it has to reactivate itself on the cellular network before you can do anything else.

Get a repair

Apple launches iPhone 7 repair program for models showing 'no service' Apple will fix iPhone 7s that show symptoms of "no service" issue if sold within the past two years. From cracked screens to batteries that will no longer charge, our entire process is designed to be quick. No one else on my account is having issues and I am in the same location I have always been.

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If not, try for DFU Mode again. Cellular data virtually none existent! I've been using an iPhone 4 for the last month with no problems at all, following the sudden death of my Sony Experia. It has no service. Having little or no service on your iPhone is annoying, especially when using social media.

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  5. The majority of Apple iPhone repairs are carried out very quickly and we aim to dispatch your repaired iPhone back to you in 24 - 48 hours. By default the program will provide you with the latest IPSW file or you can import any version as you like. I'm so close to my renewal date I didn't want to upgrade so am using my partner's old iPhone - without any problems until last week.

    I tried taking my SIM card out as well when my phone was turned off and that has not worked either.

    Device replacement can be expensive. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

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    Easy Repair Process

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